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Rosato bottle.png

The Rosato is 70% Barbera and 30% Nebbiolo.
It comes with a very fruity strawberry,
raspberry taste. It is a dry and excellent wine
for any kind of occasion. An excellent choice
and a very good summer wine. Perfect with
any food from fish to meat or just vegetable

Vino Rosato
 € 10,00 per bottle
Nebbiolo bottle.png

Our Nebbiolo wine contains a light acidity
and tannin with an earthy aroma,
reminiscent of truffles. There are also hints of
pepper, tobacco and dark chocolate.

A perfect wine to pair with rich foods.

Monferrato Nebbiolo
Availability on request
Barbera Bottle.png

The Superiore while very dark in color is
actually quite light in taste. Barbera has
flavors of cherries, strawberries and
raspberries. Barbera is low in tannins and high
in acidity,The Barbera Superiore is ripened in
barrique for around 15 months which gives
him a full body flavour. A perfect wine to pair
with rich foods.

Barbera Del Monferrato Superiore
 € 14,00 per bottle
Arneis bottle.png

The typical white grape variety of the
Monferrato region is the Arneis. The
elegance of the aroma hides the fact that
the wines are medium to full-bodied with
notes of pear, apple, stone fruit and nut.
Arneis will appeal to anyone who loves fruit-
driven, powerful white wines.

Excellent with cheese.

 € 10,00 per bottle
Monferrato DOC Bianco
Puro bottle.png

Our Barbera Puro is matured in steel tanks and
thus acquires the typical note of a classic
Barbera. Very dark in color, quite light in taste.
Flavors of cherries, strawberries and
raspberries. This wine is low in tannins and high
in acidity, Perfect wine to pair with rich foods.

Piemonte Barbera Puro
 € 10,00 per bottle
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